Norwegian Bank... branch in London?

  Simsy 20:53 29 Dec 08


I know I'm clutching at straws a bit here...

My son has an account with a Norwegian Bank, "Sparebanken Vest". He is here in London at the moment. His "hole in the wall card" for that account doesn't work in the machines here...

I don't suppose anyone knows if said bank has a branch in London, (or thereabouts!), where he might be able to get cash, (Sterling), from his Norwegian account.

I've not been able to track one down so far.

I can call the Norwegian offices tomorrow, but thought I'd tap this source of knowledge first!

Thanks in advance,



  Woolwell 21:13 29 Dec 08

It would appear to only have 7 offices - all in Norway. Is it a Visa/Mastercard?

  Simsy 21:18 29 Dec 08

just a "cashcard", for getting cash out of machines.

I didn't think there was one here.




  Clapton is God 21:24 29 Dec 08

"just a "cashcard", for getting cash out of machines"

Unfortunately, if it's not affiliated to either Visa or Mastercard/Maestro, it's only good for use in machines in Norway

  tullie 21:25 29 Dec 08

Makes you wonder why someone would travel without access to funds?

  Simsy 21:29 29 Dec 08

Though to be fair, he was/is expecting payment for some work done here, (£750), which would have seen him through the few days he's here!




  canarieslover 07:34 30 Dec 08

Hope he brought a 'Spareshirten Vest' with him.

  jack 09:03 30 Dec 08

for unsecured loan as usual ;-}

  Simsy 11:22 30 Dec 08

caneries lover!

And repaying fadderbanken is what he needs the funds for!



  nosharpe 11:37 30 Dec 08

It would be advisable for him to open a UK bank a/c and have you transfer funds to him that way.

  Simsy 15:58 30 Dec 08

a UK bank account, but it doesn't contain enough for him to repay me what he owes. It's a considerable sum. He does have enough, (and then some), in the Norwegian account. All e had to do was bring some Norwegian cash with him and we could have just changed it.

He'll just have to incur the costs of dealing with it when he gets back.

Live and learn!



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