North Korea-nuclear powers..

  hijo 11:04 25 Oct 06

does anyone belive this will get out of hand..? as "Putin's" now got involved... click here

is anyone worried about where this might lead...???

  JaneAusten 12:05 25 Oct 06

I really cannot get concerned about things that are out of "our" control. This concern has been with us since the Cuban crises in the 60's - (so I have been told).

If it happens, it happens, there's not a lot to be gained by worrying.


  johndrew 12:29 25 Oct 06

I think if the `doomsday clock` was checked it would be well before midnight now. Back in the `60s it did get quite close.

Having said that, everything is relative. Although we had the cold war and potential nuclear conflict then, now we have the less(?) powerful but more widespread terrorist situation. I suppose PDRNK could potentially be put into the latter category but I would prefer to consider them as a bit more risky than Pakistan and India for now. And nowhere near the terrorist/extremist groups that exist.

  Forum Editor 13:19 25 Oct 06

he simply made a comment on a radio phone-in, and his remarks will do nothing to affect the situation vis a vis North Korea.

Worried? No, I'm not, why should I be?

  €dstowe 14:07 25 Oct 06

Someone described the NK nuclear test as a "nuclear fizzle" rather than a nuclear explosion.

It will be a very long time before a viable military weapon is perfected, I'm sure.

(Perhaps I should have spelled nuclear the Bush way "nucular" - which is, unfortunately, spreading.)

  medicine hat 14:10 25 Oct 06

Putin is involved, as leader of one of the six nations who are supposed to be negotiating on this issue. However the old regime of NK + China + Russia Vs SK + Japan + US doesn't exist anymore. NK simply don't have the allies they had back in the 50s so conflict is very unlikely. They are more likely playing hardball trying to get more aid for the starving millions in that country.

Japan proably won't stand for NK having long range missles and nuclear warheads though this possibility is several years off yet. Japan seem to have a thing for NK - they blamned an Aum Shinrikyo nerve gas attack (prior to the Tokyo underground attack) on North Korean agents.

Of course, North and South Korea are still officially at war as no peace treaty has ever been signed - perhaps they want that sorted out as well.

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