nobody tells me anything

  sgtdibble 20:50 05 Jul 04

when did newsroom change to speakers corner I must have dropped off. Wake me up next time so I know whats going on.was there an annoucement if so didn't see it. it's still the best forum --Tom>>>

  Dorsai 20:20 06 Jul 04

kept in the dark and fed horse manure.

But it makes us grow well, and a good fried mushroom goes very nicely with a good steak dinner.

But at least we have found out about this now.

I just have to think of a thread worth posting.

perhaps 'tiscali CD's in magazines'....

  Smegs 01:39 07 Jul 04

You've both got NO mates. ;-))

  Dorsai 20:02 08 Jul 04

That would seem to be true.

  Forum Editor 20:30 08 Jul 04

In the Helproom, but I handled it badly, and even worse, the new forum didn't appear as planned - it kind of stumbled into the daylight.

All my fault I'm afraid, and my only excuse is that I was working in Plymouth and I tried to launch Speakers Corner from there on a Saturday night, instead of waiting until I was back in London. Oliver Dell saved my bacon, and got the forum working properly in my absence.

I've slapped my own wrist, and it won't happen again.

  Smegs 13:57 09 Jul 04

Not to worry, I think you're all doing a great job. Keep it up. All the best, Shaun.

  Dorsai 18:40 09 Jul 04

Can't disagree with Smegs on that.

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