no post becasue of dangerous dog

  finerty 00:27 11 Dec 10

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If you had a big dog go after you how would you feel even though it went for your bike, personally rots are dangerous and the owner is very irresponsible.

  spuds 00:40 11 Dec 10

Apparently the owner as admitted their dog went after bikes. But does this make any difference, because one day that bike might be a child or an adult. Any owners of dogs or other animals are responsible for the safety of others,its not a game just to have a laugh about.

  uk-wizard 08:00 11 Dec 10

Dog thinks it is fun to attach a bike.
Bike wobbles.
Rider falls off.
Rider run over by bus.

Dog still thinks its fun.

  Forum Editor 08:06 11 Dec 10

and the neighbours the street has more than its fair share of fools.

  Jameslayer 02:13 12 Dec 10

They should be told to look after it properly or have it removed.

  rdave13 02:32 12 Dec 10

Fools should be reprimanded and fined. Dogs should be killed humanely by vets.

  spuds 10:17 12 Dec 10

Can you expand on that statement?.

  Forum Editor 10:29 12 Dec 10

If people were reprimanded and fined for saying foolish things the country's financial difficulties would be over more rapidly.

Saying a stupid thing isn't an offence.....yet.

  Terry Brown 11:59 12 Dec 10

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This is a link to the dangerous dog act (1991)

Basicly it says that if a dog is considered dangerous to the public, it should be kept under control at all times, either on a lead and /or muzzled.

The owner is responsible for the dogs behaviour.

If you are concerned about your safety from this animal, go to the police who can take action.


  spuds 12:09 12 Dec 10

Things have changed since that 1991 Act came about. There have been a number of amendments, including one that your local council employ dog wardens now, and deal accordingly with dogs in their district.

If a dog is 'completely' out of control, then the police may or will act as evidence provides.

  jakimo 13:51 12 Dec 10

'Fools should be reprimanded and fined'

What could you be fined for?

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