No 49 Bus Comes Yet Again

  Condom 14:23 31 May 12

Another day another U turn. Maybe some hope for my "Granny Tax" being the next bus to come along.

To coin a phrase used so often by politicians these days "not fit for purpose" seems to sum the Chancellor up or indeed one used by many of our teachers at school year ago "switch on brain before opening mouth"

  Aitchbee 14:58 31 May 12

Next monday 'n' tuesday (Jubilee Dates) many public bus services/routes in Glasgow will not be in operation.(FIRSTBUS)...I can't wait for the olympics (mostly women's football matches at Hampden Park) to clog up the bus transport system in Glasgow.Sit back and enjoy!

  birdface 15:17 31 May 12

I take it you mean the U-turn on the charity donations.Probably another one coming shortly so you should not have long to wait.

  Algerian peter 15:32 31 May 12

I am going to lie down in a dark room :-(

I agree with fourm member

Rather than being pleased about 'another U-turn' I would expect you to be outraged that the fiddles open to the rich are still, it seems, going to be in place.

  Aitchbee 15:33 31 May 12

I thought you were on about buses. Sorry Condom. I'll switch on my brain before typing.

  spider9 15:51 31 May 12

Sorry, but the cynic in me says that the U-turns are always at the behest of the 'wealthy' (or big business).

Perhaps the Chancellor's thinking was "If we make all these statements that we are going to clobber the rich, then we U-turn later, sorry Dave, I meant we listen to the arguments of all the people - then we will come across as a 'listening' government (as opposed to an incompetent one)" !!

Philanthropists in one corner, Greggs the bakers in another - do we think pensioners will cause the same?? Not on your life!

  Condom 15:56 31 May 12

Forum Member

Who said I was pleased about this? Again you are putting words into people's mouths. Does it sound as it I am pleased as again I have said that the "Chancellor" and I hope you will notice that I have given him his correct title as you didn't like me referring to him as a "Chancer", is not fit for purpose.

Much of his spouting in the Budget was an unmitigated mess and confirms my thoughts about not "thinking before speaking". His spokesman this afternoon has now been trying to put the blame on the Deputy PM for the mess which is just about par for the course.


Of course I understand your confusion as a No 49 Bus is not a phrase used much in Scotland. By the way I have it from reliable sources that Sweet Peppers do not like Elvis so keep the music down low on your verandah

  Aitchbee 16:04 31 May 12

Condom - Sydney Devine will keep 'em happy...the Peppers.

  Condom 16:42 31 May 12


Is he still alive as I've not heard him since the 70's and he was terrible then? Poor Peppers ;-)

  wiz-king 16:50 31 May 12

49 London bus - Clapham Junction to White City

  Aitchbee 17:11 31 May 12

...just a wind-up...Sydney is still alive and kicking...but his singing is an acquired taste...I might stick on some african or calypso music to keep the peppers hot.

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