Nine hours past

  newman35 08:55 01 Dec 08

the C word ban - and not a sign of a post!!

Might I suggest to FE that in future the ban is until the 23rd or 24th Dec.

  Quickbeam 09:24 01 Dec 08

you asked for it... click here :)

  lofty29 09:26 01 Dec 08

We were all waiting for you to start the ball rolling, well done. Are you starting your Christmas shopping yet, have you got your Christmas lights ready, and what about the Christmas tree, by the way they had the Rheindeer and Father Christmas out down here on saturday.

  lofty29 09:28 01 Dec 08

Just beat me to it

  newman35 09:33 01 Dec 08

I wish to formally announce that, for this year only, I will be putting first class stamps on all my email Christmas cards.

  laurie53 10:12 01 Dec 08

Oh! Another New Year Resolution bites the dust.

I was going to stay up until midnight and post!

That's the trouble with "getting out more".

Am I the first with New Year Resolution though?

  Switcher 14:15 01 Dec 08

I have absolutely no problem with the word Christmas however I do with xmas

  Quickbeam 14:24 01 Dec 08

Merry Xmas Switcher:)

  Switcher 14:52 01 Dec 08

Ah well !! Merry Christmas Sunbeam

  amonra 14:55 01 Dec 08

How about Nadolig Llawen then ? That doesn't break the embargo.

  laurie53 16:54 01 Dec 08

I seem to remember that the FE is of Welsh extraction.

Even if we can't speak it it most of us know what that means, probably including the FE!

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