a niggly pop-up problem-now a reason found

  p;3 01:38 09 Jun 05

click here have just found this thread having been in terrible computer problems with other issues and fully believed that I had picked up an infection while surfing around many adresses trying to sort my problems out; octals entry is that which I am seeing ;

I have already run full scans trying to find what I thought was an infection; how I deal with this thing remains to be literally seen :((

  The Spires 08:23 09 Jun 05

click here Freeware.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 10:09 09 Jun 05

As has been written many times you can use one of the many pop-up blockers (Google etc.), use Avant browser click here, which I think is a better browser than IE or pay a subscription. It would be nice if people clicked on the adverts occasionally.


  p;3 10:17 09 Jun 05

I have actually got a pop-up stopper on here; my main concern last night (this morning) was that I had got a virus or sumunt on here after all the sites I had had to visit to sort out my owm pc probem over the past few days; and I ran all my scans and even did a log for checking; I have changed some settings in IE and am testing things out to see how well I have sorted this; I am not going into the ads question; my worry was that I had a trojan or sumunt on here; and I am pleased to have found threads describing the issue; I have been away from PCA for several days while sorting my own pc problem out; then logged in to get this , and started running all my scans :)))

  p;3 15:31 09 Jun 05

I have managed to tweek my Guard IE and so far so good::)

  leo49 15:37 09 Jun 05

That's put all our minds at rest....

  p;3 16:03 09 Jun 05

click here is an address from where Guardwall can be obtained; I have the GuardIE version on here and it can be tweeked ;
just a suggestion if anyone is interested:)

so far .....

  Ancient Learner 19:46 09 Jun 05

Let me be right about this. Does GANDALF <|:-)>'s appeal for people to click on adverts mean that a click earns money for 'our' site, if so, I see no reason not to spend a couple of moments clicking on all that we can see, after all, if it means that it continues, it is in a good cause.

Similar to the appeal a few months back about clicking on a link for breast cancer research as I remember.

  p;3 19:59 09 Jun 05

yes; I follow your "argument" up to a point; my question would be, what is one clicking on and for whose benefit?

  Ancient Learner 21:13 09 Jun 05

I would assume the benefit is for the publishers, who have to spend some of their billion profit maintaining this site. I say a billion, because it seems that nowadays a business that doesn't produce such vast sums is deemed to be a failure, at least that is how the greedy financiers and banks report it.

  VoG II 21:51 09 Jun 05

Remember Robert Maxwell?

Get clicking folks - the FE's pension may be at stake!

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