Niggle niggle

  Apron 06:09 28 Dec 06

We have a traveller who has not e-mailed since Christmas Eve. This has happened to us before, and all was well, this one is just as likely to be safe but......... niggle, niggle.
Have to go now, people to see on their way, good breakfast essential. I am here at the wrong end of the day.

  Apron 07:08 28 Dec 06

Thank you fourm member
1 & 2 I do hope so.
3. I know, have had others travelling, and I know they were having trouble with recharging laptop, I'm trying to be rational and it isn't a constant worry but you know - Mothers. Ex foster mother in this case, but I feel like his Mum. I rise early and the time is ripe for little worries.

  Watchful 08:08 28 Dec 06

My little worries appear in the wee small hours but remember, no news is good news.

  Apron 09:23 28 Dec 06

What a comforting name. Are you a Pilgrim's Progress fan?

  DrScott 11:00 28 Dec 06

but I'm terrible for letting people know that I'm all right and have arrived at a destination safely. Many a frantic call has been made by my mother over the years! Your traveller may be the same kind of person as me...

  The Brigadier 11:39 28 Dec 06

I once forgot to tell my folks where i was for 9 months & then told my Mother i was doing 9 months of guard duty in London, But they found out where i really was when my smiling face was interviewed for an article on the race for Bagdad, the they found out i was infact in Iraq on dessert storm 1.

  rodriguez 12:26 28 Dec 06

Apron, where have they travelled to? They could be having trouble charging the laptop or getting an Internet connection - different countries can have different voltages and power outlets. They also have different telephone connectors, so they might not be able to plug the laptop into the phone if a WiFi connection isn't available. There also might not be any cyber cafes in their area. ;-) If they have a phone, you could try phoning them - just replace the 0 in their number with the country code eg. 0033 for France.

  Watchful 12:28 28 Dec 06

If you mean the book, I have it but am ashamed to say I've not yet read it. The name simply comes from watching events on the forum as I'm not technical enough to help very much but like to keep informed.

  Apron 14:20 28 Dec 06

Watchful - good name , we can be a team.

Rodriguez - I think yo are right, they should be in Vietnam now, but their itinerary is not written in stone. When youngest was doing a two -year stint he had his charger stolen in Laos and was out of touch for a long time.
Thank you all for being an ear, it helps.

  rodriguez 14:57 28 Dec 06

Vietnam's a bit of a strange one - in some places the voltage is 127v and in others it's 220. Also they have three different power outlets - some places use the 2 pin ones found in the USA, some the 2 pin ones found in Europe and others use the 3 pin ones that we use in the UK. Their country code is 0084 and the phone sockets are the same as the USA, so a standard dial up Internet cable (without the UK adapter on the end) should fit it. However there aren't many WiFi hotspots around, so Wireless Internet access isn't really available. Also I think cyber cafes are only in main cities such as Hanoi so if your travelling friend has gone out somewhere that isn't very populated, they're probably stuck with no Internet.

  WhiteTruckMan 01:34 31 Dec 06

No 1 daughter missed the asian tsunami by 48 hours, and that was by a whim.

Any news?


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