Nigel Evans Conservative MP

  ¿ unsure ¿ 04 May 13

arrested on suspicion of raping 2 men.

With Stuart Hall finally admitting his guilt how many more well know faces will be put under the spotlight.

Breaking news on sky news.

  john bunyan 04 May 13

Why emphasise "Conservative"? Like others he has yet to be convicted.. The MP who was drunk and punchy in the House - Eric Joyce shows that all parties have those who have broken the law - remember Jeremy Thorpe and others?

  ¿ unsure ¿ 04 May 13

Because if it was just headed Nigel Evans, few would have heard of him.

  john bunyan 04 May 13

I Agree re Mp, but the Conservative bit seemed OTT

  Bing.alau 04 May 13

There has been an e-mail doing the rounds for a number of years, which supposedly gives the percentage details of all the MP's in our Parliament who have committed crimes. If (repeat if) it is true then our representatives aren't a very nice lot of people.

By the way I have also seen more or less exactly the same e-mail describing the Australian Parliament. So I am a bit suspicious of its truthfulness. Have we got a mirror image on the other side of the world?

  spider9 04 May 13

john bunyan

It's difficult not to mention that he's a Conservative MP, since it clearly says in the news reports that

"Deputy House of Commons Speaker Nigel Evans has been arrested on suspicion of rape and sexual assault, Conservative sources say."

The 'Conservative sources' is surely the giveaway??

  Woolwell 04 May 13

It just needed to mention that he was an MP and Deputy Speaker the political party is irrelevant to the story.

  john bunyan 04 May 13


OK. If guilty I am not bothered. I just thought his political persuasion was irrelevant - as was that of the ex- Mayor on the assault thread. A few MP's of all parties have historically committed crimes. I hope no one starts a new thread with " Labour M P..."

  Woolwell 04 May 13

He could be UKIP, Labour, SNP, LibDem, Conservative or even Green Party or Monster Raving Loony. The relevant bit is that he is a MP and Deputy Speaker.

  Woolwell 04 May 13

"how many more well known faces" - Just how well known is Nigel Evans? I had never heard of him and didn't know he was a Deputy Speaker. I hope that if the allegations turn out to be true they throw the book at him. But how many more known faces - who knows?

  Aitchbee 04 May 13

Woolwell - you said:-

"The relevant bit is that he is a MP and Deputy Speaker."

That is totally irrelevant ... whatever the outcome of the criminal police investigations.


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