NHS Pays for Gritting

  morddwyd 08:40 11 Nov 09

An NHS trust has`given £1m to its LA to pay for gritting the roads.

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I can see, but don't agree with, the thinking but why stop there?

Handouts to ensure good diet, grants to pay fuel bills, free bikes and exercise machinery or gym membership?

  sunnystaines 08:57 11 Nov 09

no wonder the nhs is short of cash wasting it like this.

  canarieslover 12:29 11 Nov 09

They may be safe in the cinema but they have to get there and back as well. Better to pay for locks on the doors so that people cannot even leave home. Oh, I forgot that more accidents happen in the home than anywhere else.

  peter99co 15:26 11 Nov 09

This is the other side of the coin if the solicitors get their way

"[The Highways Agency] do have a duty to ensure that highways are not endangered by snow and ice, so they do have a duty to try and keep roads clear as far as is reasonably practicable."

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If you crash sue somebody!

  STREETWORK 18:30 12 Nov 09

And if they were to win thier case it would mean that all roads throughout the UK would need to be kept free from ice and snow. the case is doomed to failure as there is the onus is also on drivers to drive with care and perhaps not drive at all if the road is dangerous.

It is not reasonable to expect authorities to do the impossible...

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  Forum Editor 19:08 12 Nov 09

if it could be demonstrated that the Primary Care Trust had carried out a detailed cost analysis to show that the return to the NHS in terms of reduced operating costs was equal to, or exceeded the money donated.

My view about a National Health service is that any expenditure which benefits the nations's health is justified, even if it's not spent on direct medical treatment. Reducing pavement accidents to the elderly is worth doing, no matter where the money comes from, and so is reducing road accidents. I couldn't really care whether a local authority grits the roads or a local health Trust, as long as it's done. The money all comes from us in the end.

  Monoux 19:13 12 Nov 09

Perhaps the highways agency could pay for drug treatments that NICE says are too expensive for the NHS to fund. After all it will keep people off the roads travelling to their GPs or Hospital.

  morddwyd 08:33 13 Nov 09

"any expenditure which benefits the nations's health is justified, even if it's not spent on direct medical treatment"

Good idea. The NHS should pay for some more Chinooks in Afghanistan to save the cost of medivac teams and special wards.

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