NHS Commercial Ventures Abroad

  oresome 21 Aug 12

I had it in mind that the NHS was struggling to provide an acceptable service within budget on it's home turf.

Yet there is talk of exporting the brand with the resulting profits helping the country's economy.

Of course, with any commercial enterprise comes risk. What if they make a loss? Where does the money come from then? What expertise has the NHS got in running anything for profit?

Is this a good idea or a serious distraction from the job of managing the NHS?

  Condom 22 Aug 12


I would agree entirely that the NHS is hard to beat especially with the unplanned emergency. We have some of the best trained and highly skilled doctors and surgeons that the world can provide.

I did comment that the facilities in many Bangkok hospitals would put our facilities to shame but facilities aren't everything as you need professionals to use them properly. I have travelled widely and used medical facilities in other countries successfully but after some research. I've had implants put in my mouth in Belgrade by the top person and they came in at a fraction of what I would have had to pay in the UK. I had to go back 8 months later to get my teeth fitted during an exiting time for Serbia and I was even taken to see the downed stealth fighter as a bonus. I go to my regular dentist in Bangkok for everything else to do with my teeth. No appointment necessary, just turn up and if you don't want to wait give a few baht to people in front of you in the queue and it is always snatched out of your hand.

I have had a couple of spells in hospital over there but I choose the Bangkok Christian Hospital from choice despite it being a complete misnomer as the staff are all Buddhists. I have also been in hospital in Udon Thani in the N.E. and had wonderful treatment despite not having time to do any research as it was an emergency visit. Trouble seems to follow me around. I have also been impressed with the service in Western Australia where I had to go following a snakebite to my hand (teach me to stay on the fairway)but that proved to be a bit more expensive.

When I'm In the UK I would still plump for the NHS over the private sector every time.


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