Next time you criticise our justice system

  interzone55 16:56 PM 01 Dec 11

just think yourself lucky we don't have the Afghani system where rape victims are routinely jailed for adultery...

  ams4127 17:33 PM 01 Dec 11

And yet we happily send our servicemen, and women, to defend that country and it's way of life.

The mind boggles.

  Forum Editor 18:56 PM 01 Dec 11

"we happily send our servicemen, and women, to defend that country and it's way of life."

I very much doubt that we do so 'happily', but in any case we're not defending a country's way of life, we're defending the right of the people to be self-determining as far as their government is concerned.

  badgery 19:19 PM 01 Dec 11

...and protecting ourselves against attack from terrorists, trained in that country?

  interzone55 20:22 PM 01 Dec 11


The current thinking is the terrorists are trained next door in Pakistan, which is why the US is engaged in a campaign of bombing targets in the NW of Pakistan

  morddwyd 21:10 PM 01 Dec 11

We're in Afghanistan because of our belief in the general principles, and our membership, of the United Nations, which, like democracy, may not be perfect, but it's all we have until something better comes along.


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