laurie53 09:07 30 Dec 08

Just in case you missed it, Sarah Palin's daughter has had a baby.

click here

Now come on. I know that news, like beauty, is determined by the eye of the beholder, but for this to appear on the front page of BBC World News pages?

Surely anyone even remotely interested would buy one of the glossies`dedicated to this sort of event?

  STREETWORK 09:19 30 Dec 08

Who is Sarah Palin..

  newman35 09:35 30 Dec 08

Being a potential future President (screams in horror) means she will stay 'front-page' news, and her advisors will take any steps to keep her 'fresh' for the next couple of years.

So, prepare yourself for it! (:()

  carver 09:40 30 Dec 08

I think she has some kind of job to do with family planning clinics and single parent family's.

  newman35 09:56 30 Dec 08

Clues - Alaska? McCain?

  QuizMan 10:23 30 Dec 08

Has Sarah Palin been to the UK? I wonder why she called her daughter Bristol.

  johndrew 10:39 30 Dec 08

`Being a potential future President ...`

Doesn`t that apply to pretty much every US citizen?

  newman35 11:01 30 Dec 08

Very pedantic, I'm sure.

How many other US citizens have already been a running mate in a recent US Presidential race?

  newman35 11:03 30 Dec 08

There are 'Bristols' in the USA as well as in UK, of course.

  johndrew 13:24 30 Dec 08

Pedantic, probably. But what is `special` about her? Are not others equally important? Or perhaps you have a belief that all men are equal but some are more equal than others?

Many run for office and more fail than succeed. From your indications all such are more important than the run of the mill citizen. If this is so we must agree to disagree.

  carver 13:59 30 Dec 08

Alaska? McCain

If you can aska then does she have any thing to do with chips?

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