new york hotels looking for one

  sunnystaines 21:00 05 Oct 10

anyone recommend a decent 4 star hotel in new york walking distance from times sq etc.

everytime we been there in the past had dreadful hotels, they all seem to be dirty and stink of cigarette smoke with dire rooms and facilities.

  Bingalau 21:04 05 Oct 10

I wouldn't bother going if that was my previous experience.

  babybell 21:33 05 Oct 10

Have you tried the tripadvisor website?

You'll get good honest reviews on there which will really tell you what a hotel is like.

click here

  rickf 21:49 05 Oct 10

Try here. Friend just used them in the summer and recommended it to me.
click here

  Chris the Ancient 09:42 06 Oct 10

Stayed here a coupke of times... click here and was more than happy with it. (If you look at it on google street view, it doesn't look much - but it is nice inside.)

The only downside is that they don't have a restaurant (but who needs one when there's Broadway and breakfast means going round the corner to a small diner.

Very convenient for Times Square, Central Park area, though

  Chris the Ancient 09:42 06 Oct 10

coupke = couple!

  sunnystaines 11:09 06 Oct 10

thanks location is excellent, has some good reviews too, i have bookmarked it for consideration for early 2011.

  Chris the Ancient 12:48 06 Oct 10

Good luck.

BTW, my ex and I found a good way of eating down near Times Square on the west side of Broadway - if you want a quick and cheap snack.

The idea was that you went in, grabbed a plastic container and filled it with 'stuff' from a big central counter. It was then weighed and you paid by weight - regardless of what the content was. I don't know if it's still there, though. And not quite as good as a Chinese restaurant I recently went to in Derby... that you just kept returning to the servery and eating all you want. I don't know the price though - I was being treated!

  sunnystaines 13:17 06 Oct 10

thanks but we tend to eat healthy due to medical problems, the wife is vegan and i avoid dairy,processed meat, we try to eat fresh fruit and veg where possible, found some good place's in NY last time [several years ago now].

trouble with a lot of american food its packed with corn starch [not sure why they have to add it to nearly everything]and a lot of GM products.

  sidecar sid 18:48 06 Oct 10

Stopped here on several occasions.
click here
Good central location.Macys is at the end of the street(Handbag heaven for Mrs Sidecar)The included continental breakfast is excellent and the veiw from the rooftop terrace is jawdropping.

  jakimo 18:58 06 Oct 10

you shouldn't keep going to the YMCA

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