New weapon against thugs... the lampost

  Seth Haniel 16:03 08 Dec 10

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A man who tried to petrol bomb a pub in West Sussex was caught by police after he ran into a lamppost and needed medical treatment

  Jameslayer 16:05 08 Dec 10

Suprised he didnt sue the council for not making the lamp post visually aware enough and for not putting a protective mat around it.

  timsmith259 16:11 08 Dec 10

he must of forgotten the spectacles and contact lenses

  spuds 16:11 08 Dec 10

In the old days, they use to hang criminals from lamp-posts or the nearest tree. The law must be getting rather soft!.

  peter99co 16:13 08 Dec 10

An attempted car jacking by a guy using a chain as a weapon resulted in a loss of a finger when the car drove off. The driver took the finger to the local A&E for the police to find a match. They found the culprit along with his three accomplices in the admissions area. He tried to deny any involvement.

  rickf 17:16 08 Dec 10

He must have been drunk and the pub had refused to serve him more drink/or he could be very envious because he was not allowed to drink becuase of his beliefs.

  john bunyan 18:28 08 Dec 10

I know a guy who, when a knife wielding mugger leant in through his open drivers widow at traffic lights,knocked the knife away and drove off fast with the mugger held by his hair half in the window. My "friend" drove close to a lamp post and the mugger was wrenched away when he came into contact with it, leaving my friend clutching a handful of hair. The police said they would only take action if a complaint was recieved.

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