New Tablet?

  Bingalau 11:21 AM 20 Feb 12

I bet the FE and a few more of you, would like one of these! I just hope the link works for you because it is well worth watching. You do not need to know the language....

  Aitchbee 12:09 PM 20 Feb 12

That was very entertaining, Bingalau, ... I particularly liked the beer tankard trick!

  lotvic 14:00 PM 20 Feb 12

I want one. I'll never have to go out shopping again or have to do any cooking :)

  chub_tor 15:54 PM 20 Feb 12

Bingalau, that is a brilliant link and I now have my friends in Germany scouring the local stores to see if they can get me one - I tried Aldi and Lidl but they were all sold out.

  Bingalau 16:31 PM 20 Feb 12

chub_tor. I think you are more likely to pick one up in Yelverton.

  ams4127 17:33 PM 20 Feb 12

All I get is "This video is not allowed in your country"

I know Wales is a bit odd at times, but really..!

  Bingalau 19:21 PM 20 Feb 12

ams4127. Try copying and pasting in to your browser. But it seems to work o.k. for me when I have just clicked on it in this thread.

  ton 19:46 PM 20 Feb 12

"This video is not allowed in your country"

I get this as well (I am in UK).

Same with Firefox & Chrome.

Tried Pasting address, still same.

  lotvic 23:06 PM 20 Feb 12

I can no longer view it either, get the same message.

Server is in Sweden.

  wee eddie 11:38 AM 21 Feb 12

I just get ab Add for ZMS

  Blackhat 11:48 AM 21 Feb 12

I was able to view yesterday OK, now get the ZMS add. I have been through all the tabs at the top of the web site page and although there are loads of videos the original one linked to is not there.

I was trying to show a friend and cannot find it anywhere, not even youtube.


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