New Style ATM-----An Absolute Disaaaaaaarster Daaarling

  SparkyJack 31 Jul 12

Shopping yesterday at my local ASDA. Ineeded more cash than cash back will allow so went to the bank of ATM.s outside the store.

Oh these look new I thought- the card slot was a ball with a slot and the keupad was of the toutch type outside the machine rather than being tucked inside the casing.

Others were merrily using them and collecting cash.

-with the sun over my shoulder and shining onto the screen I could barely make out 'Enter Pin' It accepted it then up came the options- I at least could see the dark grey bars against the side buttons - but which was what I could not see at all.

Shortly angry chirruping from the machine was telling me to get on or cancel - so I cancelled.

After 3 attempts I gave up. D The builder today had to make do with a cheque. Dontt tell George.

  WhiteTruckMan 31 Jul 12

Speaking of ATM's, I did something today with one that I haven't done for longer than I care to remember. And thats withdraw £5 notes!


  Aitchbee 31 Jul 12

I would like to see new-style ATM's incorporate extra buttons for entertainment purposes...available but not mandatory.

Quiz / Music / Jokes / Facts... 10 pence-a-go.

...all proceeds going to a charitable cause.

  canarieslover 31 Jul 12

Nothing new about ATM's that you can't use in sunlight, Halifax perfected them years ago.

  NewestRoyWidd1 01 Aug 12

Aitchbee;Were you being serious? It seems that you haven't been in a queue for an ATM when it's being used by a group of students who seem to do everything by a committee decision when they discuss how much cash each one of them is drawing out.

If your idea ever came into being,the queues would be even longer than at present.I speak from experience,having a large student population in my area.

  Aitchbee 01 Aug 12

...I would also like to see a ' cheapest local pub location ' button, for when I 'transact' away from home...that could be worth 50p-a-go.

  WhiteTruckMan 01 Aug 12

I would like to see a clearer meaning on some machines than 'you will not be charged for withdrawing cash from this machine'

Misleading advertising, I think.


  morddwyd 02 Aug 12

"...I would also like to see a ' cheapest local pub location ' button, for when I 'transact' away from home...that could be worth 50p-a-go."

That's called a mobile phone, normally cheaper than 50 pence a pop.

  Aitchbee 02 Aug 12

morddwyd - some parts o' Northern Scotland have nae phone signal tae talk aboot...but plenty o' ATM's

  morddwyd 02 Aug 12

The only place I know of in Northern Scotland with plenty of ATMs is Tesco City, Inverness, and that has a reasonable phone signal.

Most other places have the average number of ATms and an average phone signal.

  Bing.alau 02 Aug 12

when I saw this thread I thought it was going to be that e-mail with the difference between a female and a male driver, pulling up at one and the rigmarole they go through to do the task. Very funny, unless you are a female of course.


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