New Star Trek movie

  iqs 19:48 07 May 09

Hi all,

This morning I watched the new Star Trek film,have got to say is was brilliant .

It was unlike any previous Star Trek film.Superb story,special effect that were amazing,action packed and two hours of pure enjoyment.

I will even state its better then The Wraith of Khan,the best Trek,until now.

I must admit that I am a Trekkie,but even if you like the Star Trek franchise or not,its well worth watching.

For me the highlight was the twist,that will re-ignite the whole Trek universe...In my opinion

  tullie 19:49 07 May 09

Not for me

  Armchair 19:53 07 May 09

I went to see it this afternoon. I'm a big fan of the original series. I thought the first hour was great, the second not so good, but always enjoyable enough. Certainly well worth the price of admission (which was £5.95).

I'm not going to post any plot developments, but I just thought the lack of discipline on the Enterprise's bridge went a bit over the top, lol. I stayed for the closing credits, too. I just wanted to hear the new version of the original theme tune.

  iqs 21:04 07 May 09

Not a fan of Star Trek, or SciFi in general tullie

  tullie 21:10 07 May 09

No im not.

  interzone55 21:17 07 May 09

Why open a thread if you have no interest in the subject? And why pop back again to comment a second time?

It's similar to the people who have no interest in F1 posting comments to that effect in any F1 threads.

For my part, I'm really looking forward to the new Star Trek movie, I'm not a massive Trekkie, and haven't seen any of the recent Star Trek films or the spin offs, but this new one looks like a good effort to kick start the franchise again...

  dagbladet 21:38 07 May 09

"Why open a thread if you have no interest in the subject?"

He didn't

"And why pop back again to comment a second time?"

Because someone asked him a question.

  wolfie3000 02:45 08 May 09

Its been a while since the last space adventure film (Starwars) and im looking forward to seeing this,

Especially Simon Pegg as Scotty.

Should be an awesome film.

  interzone55 11:06 08 May 09

Perhaps I should have said "why enter a thread if you have no interest?"

  dagnammit 11:44 08 May 09

Going to see it today, will post my opinion later.

  HondaMan 14:26 08 May 09

A classic case of lack of punctuation completely changing the meaning of a post!

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