New site for PCA pictures?

  Graham* 00:29 AM 20 Jun 12

As we have lost the old site, anyone interested in having their picture on a new site? This is not connected to PCA itself.

Boris has volunteered to be the first PCA Portraits

  spuds 00:36 AM 20 Jun 12

How would this new photo gallery run?.

  Graham* 00:44 AM 20 Jun 12

Anyone who wants to take part would submit a photo. If anyone wants to volunteer to run it they would receive the pics and post them. I'm not volunteering but happy to get it started.

  morddwyd 05:48 AM 20 Jun 12

What site have we lost?

We still seem to get our Friday night pictures OK.

  Graham* 09:28 AM 20 Jun 12


I had a site where folks could send in pictures of themselves but Microsoft has pulled the plug on Open Office.

  Woolwell 15:15 PM 20 Jun 12

I'm puzzled. What do you mean by "MS has pulled the plug on Open Office". How does this affect website hosting or creation? As far as I was aware Open Office didn't have anything to do with Microsoft.

  Graham* 15:19 PM 20 Jun 12

My mistake - I meant Microsoft Office Live clunk here

  Woolwell 15:22 PM 20 Jun 12

You can retrieve the site contents and re-host it.

  Graham* 15:31 PM 20 Jun 12

That only works for domains hosted by Microsoft. I've tried.


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