New SIM Card

  Confab 17:38 10 Apr 09

Received my new SIM card yesterday. Can help thinking that perhaps they should have chosen a different envelope.

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Happy Easter!

  octal 17:44 10 Apr 09

That made me laugh. It reminded me I had a parcel delivered a couple of weeks ago at work, the size was about 12x12x12 inches and when the courier handed it to me I nearly threw it though the roof because it was so light, it contained one small battery, I had a job finding it amongst all the packaging.

  Teaboy 17:54 10 Apr 09

Very droll!

  interzone55 19:44 10 Apr 09

The register had a few stories like this last year, here's a small box delivered by pallet

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  dagnammit 23:45 10 Apr 09

I once ordered a 4gb memory dongle from Boots for a fiver. Came in a box the size of 2 shoe boxes.

  Chegs ®™ 05:35 11 Apr 09

Since the changes to postage rates I haven't had any excessively large parcels delivered,although I once got a huge box arrive that I thought was my replacement CRT monitor.Eagerly opening it,I was dismayed to find a hard drive.I was so amused I kept the box which I now use to store a disused 22" CRT monitor. :)

  BT 08:20 11 Apr 09

Westfalia Mail Order
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have my vote for large packaging.
The last time I ordered something the box was about 3'x2'x18" and mostly filled with bubble cushion packaging. The items would have fitted in a box about a quarter the size. I think they only have about 2 sizes of box - large and huge. Having said that they do have some good quality goods and I have ordered from them many times.

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