New rules for younger drivers are being discussed

  TopCat® 13:13 26 Mar 13

The rising number of accidents involving younger drivers is a matter of concern to all of us. Hardly a week passes by it seems without the media containing harrowing details of yet another young driver, or passenger, killed or severely injured in a smash. (For some reason today I am unable to include the link to the item as normal so here it is in full)

Authoritative discussions are now taking place that would place restrictions, yet to be finalised, on future young drivers. I hope the result of these discussions will help to ensure safer and better motorists in due course.

My suggestions are: After passing the test, perhaps a form of tamper-proof tachograph to be fitted for twelve months, or a speed restriction plate (50mph limit say) highly visible at the rear of the vehicle so other motorists would know it contained a younger driver. It would be very interesting to here your views on this serious matter. TC.

  TopCat® 13:16 26 Mar 13

That should be 'hear' of course! TC.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:30 26 Mar 13

speed restriction plate (50mph limit say) highly visible at the rear of the vehicle

The only way you are going to speed restrict a young driver is to have that speed plate attached to an anchor :0)

Don't worry so much it won't be many more years before cars are driving themselves (ideal for the eldery) and no one will be allowed to drive manually on a public road.

  spider9 13:40 26 Mar 13

Personally, I think it will be very, very many years before cars are all "driving themselves". The complications of doing this on all roads is immense, motorway traffic might be easier to do.

Why not make all cars have a speed limiter set at 70mph (as nobody should legally go over this on public highways anyway). Allow only emergency vehicles to go above that.

Job done!

  Quickbeam 13:42 26 Mar 13

" one will be allowed to drive manually on a public road."

I thought that was already the case by the number of automaton drivers I see on the road!

  fourm member 13:51 26 Mar 13

The problem with young drivers is a lack of imagination meaning they don't envisage the outcome of their driving.

A few years ago a young driver near here thought it would be great fun to drive fast through a big puddle on the left side. He didn't foresee that the puddle would slow the left side of the car causing it to spin and overturn.

Older drivers still have the lack of imagination but they also have experience so they draw on that to drive more safely.

Restricting newly qualified drivers may just slow the rate at which they get the experience.

I would think compulsory time in a simulator would help but the furore at the increased cost of getting a licence probably makes that undoable.

  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 13:55 26 Mar 13

The modern driver doesn't have to do half what he used to as technology increases in cars.

just to mention a few

Traction control - cruise control - ABS - stability control - parking sensors - auto parking - auto braking - auto wipers - auto lighting.

All available in modern cars.

and I don't even have to wind the window up by hand any more ;0)

Unfortunately the death rate on the roads has risen in the last decade mostly killing pedestrians not drivers.

You can stop killing young drivers by raising the age of obtaining a license so perhaps we should replace young with inexperienced.

  carver 13:56 26 Mar 13

And how will a speed limiter help that's set a 70 when you are on a 30mph road, it might help if instead of a stupid theory test more time was spent of teaching them to drive properly.

Accident's happen and until you get part of the test to include a skid pan part then they will continue, other wise it's down to experience on an open road.

If you increase the age before you can drive then all you do is make the accidents happen at a later age.

  spider9 13:59 26 Mar 13

It's true that older drivers have 'experience' - but that may well have been got doing exactly the same as present young drivers, when they were young!

Surely we all had 'hairy' moments driving in our youth.

The difference may be that cars were slower then, and so it's possible the older drivers simply 'got away with it' more?

  HondaMan 14:06 26 Mar 13

**The problem with young drivers is a lack of imagination meaning they don't envisage the outcome of their driving

Read more: **

I have to agree with fourm member. I was always thought, by those "who should know" to be a steady and responsible young person. HA!

When I think back to some of the hairy things I did (soap-box racing, cycling and other hazardous activities) it now makes me shudder. It is largely the lack of imagination brought about by the lack of experience which is causing so many young people to take impossible risks, incorrectly estimate the risk, or behave just plain stupidly that is causing the problem.

In this society where normal "playing" risks are minimised by the "nanny society" children are denied the chance to learn, a sometime painful but hopefully not fatal lesson "if you do something stupid you may get hurt". We, the adult society have only ourselves to blame. Those that have children cosset and protect them beyond reason.

  wiz-king 14:13 26 Mar 13

I remember the 'good old days' - push bike - NSU Quickly - ex PO Bantam - BSA GoldStar then a much modded 1000cc Triton.

Car wise -- Standard 8 - Ford Popular - Ford Cortina - Triumph spitfire.

I dont think young drivers are any worse than in my day but the environment is.

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