New Road Charges Toll Roads

  woodchip 12:44 07 Nov 12

Toll Charges mostly round London but where next?

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  Al94 07:08 08 Nov 12

This system has been operating well in Ireland for many years now. It is quite easy to pre register your vehicle so that tolls are automatically charged to preferred credit card or bank account when recognised by anpr camera. Alternatively you have a set period of time to pay after using a toll section. Quite simple in reality.

  morddwyd 09:02 08 Nov 12


Thank you for that.

It is a long time since I was in Central London, and I often wondered how one would pay for a one off journey, or if one got lost and entered the zone without intending to.

  Condom 13:26 08 Nov 12

Personally there are other things I would do first. Do away with the Car Tax completely and put the cost on to fuel. That way the polluter pays and those that drive most pay most. Replace the present Tax Disk with a Disk which shows that the car is Insured and has a current MOT so the traffic wardens can do their jobs more effectively. There are too many uninsured and non roadworthy cars on the road and only the Police can spot them. This sort of thing is done in other countries so the technology is surely there.

But at the end of the day it is all about getting more taxes in so the treasury will probably call the shots on this one.

  interzone55 21:07 08 Nov 12

fourm member

You of all people should know that any cost cutting measure actually achieves the opposite

  interzone55 20:37 09 Nov 12

fourm member

OK - tell me how the Government will introduce the IT necessary for this within budget considering companies like Capita will be involved.

  interzone55 21:36 09 Nov 12

fourm member

You might as well be, because he hasn't got a clue


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