New registration numbers after 10?

  jack 10:37 22 Sep 10

I was asked by a fellow gym member this morning if I knew how it would go.
I had to confess that I did not know.
Then I had an inkling that this very question was posted here recently- a search did not turn it up nor did rolling back several pages.
Any body know the answer?

  Quickbeam 10:44 22 Sep 10
  Quickbeam 10:45 22 Sep 10

So in this case the answer to the meaning of the universe is...11;)

  Woolwell 10:48 22 Sep 10

It was on consumerwatch click here

  jack 11:07 22 Sep 10

Lazy Wednesday for some of us Huh!

Have passed the links on to my fellow gymnast- He is a driving instructor.
He complaining business wasn't so good because he was a good instructor - his pupils keep passing first time.

  Toneman 13:59 22 Sep 10

Yet another problem for 2050...

  Quickbeam 00:52 23 Sep 10

By 2050 there will be no cars, we will by then have accepted the free to use moving pavements, overhead monorails and levitating travel platforms and all the other things that when I was 10 I thought we'd be using by the futuristic year 2000... what a let down that turned out to be.

  Toneman 10:20 23 Sep 10

I can't wait...

  Mr Mistoffelees 12:17 23 Sep 10

I propose an alternative, still changing every 6 months to keep the dealers and manufacturers happy.

For 2010, first 10 followed by 10 1/2, 2011, 11 then 11 1/2. At 2100 we go to 100 and 100 1/2. this system will last until 2999. Beyond that number plates might start to get a bit too long.

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