The new Pope

  Clapton is God 14 Mar 13

Now that a new Pope has been elected I have the perfect first task for him.

Noting that he's Argentinian by birth he should take the next flight to the Falkland Islands and apologise on behalf of all his fellow countrymen for causing so much trouble and concern to the islanders for God (his boss) knows how long.

Whilst he's there he can also take the opportunity to renounce all of Argentina's claims to the island.

  Brumas 14 Mar 13

Yes, and he can use a flying pig to get there ;o}

  Quickbeam 14 Mar 13

Don't hold your breath.

But more importantly, is he any good with a bolas?

  spuds 14 Mar 13

He and his church have 'more important' things on their mind, not telling two governments how to settle their squabbles. Perhaps the United Nations is for that?.

  carver 14 Mar 13

spuds like telling his underling how to behave round children and treating women as equals.

  spuds 14 Mar 13

carver- plus many other things, that have or have not reached the media yet?.

When I was working around South America, there were many scenes of dire poverty, yet proceed through those outer doors of the church, and the scene before you, sure didn't put food in a belly or clothes on someone's back. It may have done for those within the inner circle, but not for the loyal and ever faithful supporter's?.

  morddwyd 14 Mar 13

He has, in the past, come out in favour of Argentina's claim to the "Malvinas" at a mass.

See no reason why he should change just because he's been promoted.

The Argies will probably now say that God is on their side.

  Quickbeam 14 Mar 13

How many armies have had god on their side?

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 13

Bob Dylan had an answer to that question, QB :-

  Aitchbee 14 Mar 13
  Aitchbee 14 Mar 13

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