New PC Advisor iPhone app

  paul trotter 12 Oct 11

PC Advisor is now available as an iPhone app and we'd be interested to hear what you think. If you're an iPhone user, search for PC Advisor in the App Store or take a look here

Android users - we're planning to launch an Android app soon, so watch this space.

  bremner 12 Oct 11


Do you feel it is ethical for the five 5 star reviews to have been from the staff at PCA?

  wee eddie 12 Oct 11

Sneaky ~ He obviously wasted at PCA Towers and should be a Government Minister

  Crosstrainer2 12 Oct 11

paul trotter

Is it iPad compatible too?

  paul trotter 12 Oct 11


It's a fair cop, but naturally I do think it's a 5-star app.

  paul trotter 12 Oct 11


Good question! It is compatible with the iPad - i.e you can download and use it on an iPad, and fit it to the screen via the x2 feature.

However, we're working on an app specifically designed for the iPad, and hope to have news on that by the end of the year.

  Crosstrainer2 12 Oct 11

Err, okay installed it, looks good, like the font tool, but how do you post comments?

  Crosstrainer2 12 Oct 11

I get it, it's just for reading articles and reviews? Very clear and well thought out...better than some paid for magazine apps I have.

I'll give it 9 out of ten!

(I'm a hard taskmaster!)

I wish this site would work properly with my iPad though it's been truly terrible lately, but I'm sure you are all beavering away at it!.

I have a Macbook Air now, and it works fine on that!

  bremner 12 Oct 11


What issues are you having with the iPad?

  Woolwell 12 Oct 11

Crosstrainer2 - I don't have any problems with this site and my iPad.

I'm not sure that I see the point of the app if you can access the full site.

  Quickbeam 13 Oct 11

Is there an Android app in the pipeline?


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