New neighbours...into the unknown.

  Aitchbee 05 Jul 12

I live in a block of flats (8), and recently 2 flats have been vacated.

The newcomers will inject a bit of new life into the 'close'.

The 'moving in' processes have just begun.

Thankfully, my flat is situated on a different level.

Why am I having territorial pangs, just like nesting birds have?

  buteman 05 Jul 12

Better the devil you know that the devil you don't

The newcomers will inject a bit of new life.[They may inject more than that.]

Best of luck lets hope they fit in with no problems.

  Aitchbee 05 Jul 12


  woody 06 Jul 12

"Why am I having territorial pangs"

I know how you feel. One of our neighbors has "warned" us they have to leave due to ill health. They are not that physically close as the houses have a fair bit of space. But these neighbors are just about perfect - anyone coming in will not be as good. I am allowed to say that now before they come! IE -they only use one car - the norm is three or more. Most drives take five and the extra coming & going with do nothing to improve our quiet nights!

  wiz-king 06 Jul 12

The m have misgivings about moving in next to your jungle!

  morddwyd 06 Jul 12

We had new neighbours, actually next door, the year before last

I was in the garden while their furniture was being moved in.

I said "Hello"

The removal man answered, they did not.

They have never spoken since they moved in

  BT 06 Jul 12

My dear old neighbour Bob died last year, and after several months we had a young couple moved in. We were a bit sceptical as there were a lot of their young friends at the beginning but it seems they were only helping with the move.

They have proven to be good neighbours and recently gave my wife assistance with bins etc. while I was in hospital.

  Bingalau 06 Jul 12

High fences make good neighbours.

But I have always treated mine as I would like to be treated by them, and we all get on fine. No problems at all. Except for one old "Biddy" a few doors away who will not even say hello to anybody. Her neighbours tell me she is the one from hell.

  spuds 06 Jul 12

Not sure if it still applies elsewhere in the country. But it was once a great social idea viewed by national or local governments, that placing a 'problem family' among a host of 'good families' was the way forward.

Glad that idea didn't really take on, or did it?.

Fortunately, all our neighbours are in the main long term, and while not being to nosey, are always there for help, when the occasions arise. Perhaps just the way it should be?.

  woody 06 Jul 12

"Glad that idea didn't really take on, or did it?."

They build a load of new houses and some are designated for the social houses. It has meant that now you can pay a fortune and live next door to the "creme de la creme"

  Aitchbee 06 Jul 12

The old man who used lived on the ground floor flat (since 1956) passed away last month.

...a woman, her two daughters and a dog are movin' in... I'd better watch my step...and button my lip!


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