New game, Totaly free, MUST HAVE!!

  wolfie3000 01:16 23 May 07

Cellfactor: revolution.

click here

How can i describe it?

Jaw droppingly awesome GFX and sounds,
Check the video on the site and prepare to be blown away.
The game makes full use of the Ageia physX physics acceleration chip, but dont worry if you dont have one as the game will still run.

Download the game from here.

click here

My clan our testing the game as i write but i cant see this game disappointing us :)

Minimum specs :

AMD/Intel Dual Core CPU
2GB Free HDD Space
2GB System RAM
AMD Radeon™ X1800+, NVIDIA GeForce™ 7800+ GPU
Windows® XP (SP2), Vista

Gameplay video: click here

More info on the Ageia PhysX : click here

  wolfie3000 01:21 23 May 07

This is how the game runs without the Ageia PhysX chip,

click here=

?The difference is only slight so no worries. :)

  Sic 09:48 23 May 07

Very slow download.....will have to be an overnight job!!

  Kate B 10:06 23 May 07

Good bit of marketing for the Aegia chip - I note that a couple of the levels require it. Trouble is, a dedicated physics card just hasn't taken off. It might, I suppose, but it's a bit chicken-and-egg: nobody's got a card so nobody is developing games that require it, so nobody buys a card. And all the tests I've seen so far say that the benefits of having one are marginal.

  rodriguez 10:10 23 May 07

No way is that gonna run on mine :-( I'm saving up to build a new one anyway I think - my graphics card doesn't even support Aero in Vista. It's a GeForce 4 MX440. *hides in shame*


  spuds 12:33 23 May 07

To far advanced for my computers and me :O(

  Totally-braindead 12:38 23 May 07

I would have loved to try it but I'm below the minimum specs I'm afraid. Shame that first game I've seen my PC won't run, and it looks so good too.

and thanks again awesome, as with all on line games i had to run around getting shot to pieces before i got the hang of things, fantastic with the sound turned up very loud!

in world of warcraft they say you can get banned for buying selling gold, yet i know of at least 2 gold farming 'bots' that have been in the same place since i have been playing. plus there's always the account hacking/changing passwords and selling all your stuff problems, it amazes me. have you seen some of the prices people sell their accounts for on ebay? crazy stuff. end of the day it is a game!

whoops wrong thread! sorry

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