New Game!!!!!

  wolfie3000 13:36 05 Apr 06

This ones a doozy.

Take up arms and prepare for battle for RYL2 is here!!

This game IS a great game and compatible with most systems.

Heartly reccomended by me and my clan.

click here

Comments welcome.

  Haol 14:06 05 Apr 06

Looks pretty nice, the sight takes ages to load though. Do you have a clan in every game you post here?

  wolfie3000 14:36 05 Apr 06

Good question Haol,

What we do is the clan scoures the internet for new and exciting games when one of us finds one,
One of us downloads it and tests it out if the game is thought to be good enough we all download it and start a clan on the game,

Heres the games our clan are on.


Gunz online


Kal online

GTA san andreas online

Eve online

If you have any of these games look out for Clan W.O.P. in the servers and give us a shout.

  Haol 15:07 05 Apr 06

Cool, what does W.O.P stand for?

  wolfie3000 15:17 05 Apr 06

It stands for World of pain. lol

There are ten people in our clan all together and some of them have made an off shoot clan (Clan A.V.S.)

Im second in command so to speak so i dont make the top desicions but arrange battles with rival clans and make sure everyone knows the dates and times for battles,

I do however have the power to recruite and explelle clan members.

  Haol 15:21 05 Apr 06

Got a clan site?

  wolfie3000 15:23 05 Apr 06

unfortunatly no we dont as the webmaster left the clan but we are looking to get one up and running soon.

  rmcqua 17:02 05 Apr 06

Nice one, wolfie3000! My son is most grateful to you.

  wolfie3000 17:08 05 Apr 06

No problem hope he enjoys it we certainly have,
Our clan might even see you or him on there give us a shout if you do.

  wolfie3000 23:23 06 Apr 06

resolved i guess.

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