New forum late night posting idea

  interzone55 12 Aug 12

We've all come across late night posts that are maybe not 100% tasteful, maybe some of are even guilty of this.

A couple of years ago Google added an optional feature to their Gmail service that wouldn't allow you to send an email late at night until you'd answered a couple of maths questions, thus potentially saving you from sending ill advised emails to your boss whilst under the influence.

Maybe FE could add something like that to the Forums to save some of our members from themselves...

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

I would only concur with your suggestion alan14, just as long as the FE was also checked for lucidity of thought.

  KRONOS the First 12 Aug 12

We already have enough rules and regs here.

  interzone55 12 Aug 12


But it would save FE deleting so many posts if they didn't appear in the first place, as the poster would stumble over working out ((9.67^3)/?)x0

  interzone55 12 Aug 12

For some reason the character for Pi was replaced by a question mark...

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

...anything multiplied by zero.

  carver 12 Aug 12

alan14 I would never be able to post anything in the daytime never mind at night.

It's not a sight that MENSA ever watches for new members or have you just got a new calculator.

  Nontek 12 Aug 12

But it would save FE deleting so many posts ....

But then the Silver Mouse would get bored doing nothing!

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

When I inadvertently 'slip in' a 'below the belt' remark (albeit, on very rare occasions)...I have total confidence in Forum Editor to swiftly erase the offending misdemeanour.

  Aitchbee 12 Aug 12

It only happens (inane postings) when it's a full moon.

  lotvic 12 Aug 12

Aitchbee, We wish - once a month you would be easier to cope with.


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