new films due

  barca1 13:23 15 Feb 08

Transformers 2 Is Coming Soon
click here

Hulk 2
click here

Terminator 4
click here

click here

  al7478 16:08 15 Feb 08


I think...

  al7478 16:13 15 Feb 08

the hulk one isnt a sequel as such, its a "reboot" of the franchise, played as if the last one, with eric banna in the title role(s), hadnt happenned.

So was Batman Begins (the sequel to which is the dark knight, out in july supposedly, but im unsure of the official status since heath ledger died), for anyone whos interested/confused.

  Armchair 17:24 15 Feb 08

Looking forward to:-

Dark Knight
Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
Sin City 2

and I'm going to go and see Let There Be Blood.

  barca1 17:30 15 Feb 08

i am off to see alien vs pred req tonight i'll let you know what its like

  tullie 19:46 15 Feb 08

Dont bother,dont i rarely watch movies.I suppose the above would be ok for younger viewers

  CurlyWhirly 20:19 15 Feb 08

I didn't know that Terminator 4 was being released!

Cheers ;)

  Coffee Adict 20:25 15 Feb 08

"I didn't know that Terminator 4 was being released!"

I didn't know it had been captured.

  lisa02 15:03 16 Feb 08

What ya think of AVPR? I thought it was pretty flakey with no story in it at all. It would have been cool to see more of predator's home world etc and a bit more day time action.

  Armchair 21:31 16 Feb 08

Oops, it's actually called 'There Will Be Blood', and I saw it today. Reasonable film, with a great performance by Day Lewis. Not one I'll watch again, though.

  barca1 01:33 17 Feb 08

"lisa02" err not sure where to start realy,i DID expect more but was dissapointed with it to be honest,i thought "Cloverfield" was better & scarier,AVP2 needed something but it just didnt have it...wont advise it & wont be watching it again...BLAND...

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