The New Cookie Rule

  Input Overload 11:00 28 May 12

It seems what that has happened is on most UK sites I now get a pop-up that says 'words to the effect of': We use cookies live with it' - 'And you now aready have cookies on your PC from this site, if however you don't like this use another site'

Some sort of cookie warning pop-up blocker would be nice, for those who zap cookies daily?

  interzone55 11:21 28 May 12

Cookies really don't worry me, but if you are concerned use something like crap cleaner to blitz them whenever you feel the urge

  Input Overload 12:26 28 May 12

Cookies don't bother me either & they get zapped as a matter of course every day. All the cookie rule has done is for me to leave cookies on longer so I don't get the pop-ups each time I visit sites that have put the warning up. I just wonder what has been achieved by the Cookie rule?

Just a pointless pop-up telling you a site use cookies as do just about all web sites. What's next a pop-up telling us Google analytics or FB is following you too?

  BT 12:56 28 May 12

Not really seen much in the way of pop ups (could of course be because I have them blocked) I did however get an explanatory Email from one company.

Some of course are handy to have and with CCleaner you can choose which to keep and which to zap and which to keep.

  spuds 13:38 28 May 12

Its another one of those daily things that some will get use to, and others will not.

Personally in this respect, I am not bothered either way, because i know tomorrow there will be another thing to ponder about:O)

  peter99co 15:49 28 May 12

IE allows full control of cookies if you use Internet Options (privacy tab)

Click advanced anoverridede automatic control.

If you set prompt it will be apparent which sites need them.

  rdave13 19:17 28 May 12

Thinkbroadband has a warning triangle on bottom left of page to give you the options of using cookies or not.

  frybluff 21:00 28 May 12

This evening, every time I click on anything, on this site, I get an annoying pop up from Internet Explorer, asking if I'm sure "I want to leave this page". It also has the word "false", above the option selector. Is this something to do with this issue. Never had it before, and haven't changed any browser settings.

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