New Car Battery Price !!!

  birdface 16:15 18 May 08

Bought a new car battery about 3 years ago it cost £27-£28.Thought it was fairly cheap so quite happy.Battery started playing up again always have to charge it,So popped down to Local car accessory shop and asked for a battery.£78.00 for the same battery.I said it only cost £27 three years ago.He pointed to a little notice that I had not seen.Owing to the price of lead batteries have increased in price accordingly.Guess what.Still have to use my battery charger.

  Stuartli 16:26 18 May 08

Cost me £55 for a new one for my VW Bora recently at Partsco.

Halfords and the local VW dealership wanted around £80 when contacted over the phone for prices, so Partsco naturally got the business.

By the way, the battery being replaced was the original factory fitted item.

Its age? Eight and a half years, so it doesn't owe me anything.

The exhaust is also the original and is still in good nick.

Original equipment parts always last far, far longer than replacements.

  Bingalau 16:38 18 May 08

Stuartli. I used to have a VW and it lasted me for many years. I always had it serviced when I visited Germany because the cost of parts was much cheaper then. I think it was about 40% cheaper to have it done over there and they were much quicker too. So may I suggest a holiday on the Rhine and leave your car in for a service while you have a nice day cruise. It doesn't have to be a VW though. But book up in advance for other makes.

  birdface 16:56 18 May 08

Yes it pays to shop around.I will be doing that to-morrow.Well I thought to myself they would probably be about £45 by now.But got a shock with the £78.

  BT 17:12 18 May 08

I paid £62 for a battery for my Fiat Stilo from Fast Fit a couple of weeks ago.It came with a 4 year guarantee. I saw the notice about lead prices there. The previous time I bought a battery was about 6 years ago from KwickFit, that cost me I think £48.

  spuds 17:27 18 May 08

Give these a try click here

They may also take internet orders via their London HQ.

Check out their own name branded range of batteries, manufactured by a very well known worldwide company. They usually come with a Lifetime Warranty as well.

  mrwoowoo 17:28 18 May 08

"Guess what.Still have to use my battery charger".
Do you mean it's because you refused to pay the £78.Or is the new battery still neading the charger?
If the later,i suggest checking the alternator and it's connections.

  mrwoowoo 17:29 18 May 08

Oops..neading = needing.

  Stuartli 19:26 18 May 08

Nice thought and I've always enjoyed visiting Germany.

Unfortunately my other half has to have dialysis three times a week, so it's a non-starter (bit like buteman's car?)

  birdface 19:38 18 May 08

Halfords £92. Spuds.£58 but when you go to buy it ads £10 odds on for vat.mrwoowoo I should have said I could not afford it.Will shop around to-morrow see if I can get one at a reasonable price.If not will have to try the scrap yard.And thats a bit iffy.

Try batman,not sure how competitive they are though.
click here

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