Nesting - isn't it a bit late?

  onthelimit1 19 Sep 12

My fairly modern house has an open front garden. At the bottom, next to the path is a 20ft tree/shrub with branches almost to the ground. I spotted a nest this morning about 6ft off the ground next to the trunk. In it I could see 2 or 3 collared dove chicks. Hence the question - 'isn't it a bit late'?

  Aitchbee 19 Sep 12

Woodpigeons, which also have distinctive white patches on each side of the neck,usually lay two eggs mainly from July to September; the incubation period lasts 17-19 days. [ref. Observers Book on Birds]

I've got 'em front and rear of my flat.

  morddwyd 19 Sep 12

Pigeons and doves (and sparrows) have been known to nest in every month of the year.

Eastern Collared Doves will lay into September, so you will see unfeathered young well into October.

They can also have up to five broods.

Since its food consists mainly of grain, seeds and a little fruit there is still plenty of food about.

  morddwyd 19 Sep 12

Just as a matter of interest, the Easter Collared Dove was unknown in this country in the first half of the last century.

It started to spread from the Balkans in about 1900, first appearing in the UK in Norfolk 1n 1953.

By 1957 it had spread to Scotland (Moray), and I can remember my excitement when I saw my first one in Cornwall in the 60s.

A remarkable explosion.

  Bing.alau 19 Sep 12

I get lots of doves or whatever they are in my garden. They are fat and greedy and have a white collar so I am wondering if these are the ones you are talking about. Eastern or Easter? Maybe the Easter ones are chocolate coloured Doves.

I always thought they were Wood Pigeons?

  onthelimit1 19 Sep 12

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