Need recommendations please.

  Kevscar1 06:19 17 Jun 10

Things just keeping better. DVLA have now taken away my licence. Not that I would try to drive like this.
Smoked outdors for years so wife and grandkids don't suffer. Hand turned to ice during winter and with any cool breeze. Went outside first hot day last week and as soon as the sun hit my hand it was like it as on fire. Since then if sun has been out had to stand there with my hand stuck in the swimming pool.
Found some 20 sunscreen last night and tried it. OK for about 20 mins then burning again.
Needs your opinions on what is the best 50 factor or I will spend the summer looking ike a gnome beside a pond.

  Noldi 06:25 17 Jun 10

For Skiing etc I use a kids high factor cream.


  Kevscar1 06:41 17 Jun 10

Thanks Noldi but I need to know which make is the best longest lasting.

  rdave13 07:01 17 Jun 10

Just had a look in the cupboard and the one we use for the children is Nivea Sun, Children's sun spray. It shows a factor of 'ultra 50+'. Certainly works. Also states it's long -lasting and water resistant. Best one so far my better half says.
PS, more of a squirt-on than a spray.

  Noldi 07:59 17 Jun 10

"Nivea Sun" thats the one I use. Apply in the morning and top it up when sitting down for lunch.

click here


  morddwyd 08:08 17 Jun 10

"had to stand there with my hand stuck in the swimming pool."

How the hell do you keep the fag alight?

(Sorry Kevscar, can't offer ant real help, only sympathy)

  Kevscar1 08:22 17 Jun 10

Anything that makes me smile is more helpful than you would believe.

  Quickbeam 08:30 17 Jun 10

One of the few times that I use sunscreen (I rarely sit in the sun for long) is at a cricket test. I rub a factor 24 in at the hotel before I leave and that's good for all day 10am 'til 6/7pm. The brand is Boots own make.

  Quickbeam 08:32 17 Jun 10

...posted too early.

If the factor 50 isn't enough, I would ask my doctor if he can a prescribe for something much more effective.

  rawprawn 10:11 17 Jun 10

I got badly sundamaged when I lived in Australia, in fact I have had several melanomas removed (None turned out to be malignant)
I use Fotoprotector ISDIN EXTREM UVA. Unfortunately you cannot buy it in the UK, but you can get it in Mallorca.
I usually get a stock myself when I go, or ask a friend to bring me some back when they go on holiday.
In my opinion it is unbeatable.

  rawprawn 10:19 17 Jun 10

Apparently you can buy it online now and it is available up to factor 50
click here

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