Nasty weather approaching our south coast

  TopCat® 18:41 14 May 08

There's plenty of lightning strikes included in it - click here - and the forecast is for even heavier rain showers crossing over from France tomorrow.

Don't forget to protect your computers, modems and routers if it should come close to you. TC.

  Earthsea 19:29 14 May 08

I'm in the middle of installing SP3 and can hear thunder approaching. Life sucks sometimes...

  Jak_1 19:36 14 May 08

Well keep it down there then :)

  Woolwell 20:21 14 May 08

A thunderstorm has been rumbling around Plymouth for over an hour now. It has already tested my UPS once and therefore closing down all my systems.

  Earthsea 20:29 14 May 08

Well, the storm went away and SP3 is now installed, but it's just come back. I think it's the same one as Woolwell's, so I'm going to follow suite and sign off for a while. Cheerio!

  Bingalau 21:41 14 May 08

Lovely up here in God's little acre....

  Woolwell 22:12 14 May 08

Appears to have travelled east. Very heavy rain with it.

  TopCat® 23:02 14 May 08

lasting more than three hours. It's slowly moving away northwards now. I see there is some very heavy rain just about making landfall now into Kent. Possibly might make it to London and its suburbs during the night. TC.

  TopCat® 18:40 24 May 08

I post this severe weather warning for London and the southeast click here

More risks of heavy rain is posted for other regions mentioned in this weather bulletin. TC. click here

  wiz-king 05:30 28 May 08

Thunder storm that is, the southeast got it at halfpast two - woke me up - moved into the Wash area by now. A big one that also gave most of Holland a pasting.

  newman35 07:22 28 May 08

Yes, just sometimes it's nice to be able to see the weather up here among the haggis being better than our southern cousins.
Perhaps I'll nip down with a bucket, as we've not seen rain for weeks - the garden is very dry, but the grass not needing much cutting (every cloud ...etc)!

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