Nanometre 'fuses' for high-performance batteries

  peter99co 13:23 12 Mar 10

The never-before-seen phenomenon could lead to a raft of energy applications.

"What we've discovered is more than just a replacement for batteries,"

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  Pineman100 17:14 12 Mar 10

"As these nano-scale "fuses" burn, they drive an electrical current along their length at staggering speeds. "

Don't all electric currents travel at the same speed through any conductive medium?

  Forum Editor 18:03 12 Mar 10

"Don't all electric currents travel at the same speed through any conductive medium?"

It's very complicated, but the short answer is no.Charges flow faster in a thin wire than in a thick one.

  Forum Editor 19:39 12 Mar 10

One of my son's university friends landed a plum job when he graduated, three years ago. He was employed by a Japanese nano-technology company that's developing nano satellites. Hundreds of thousands of these things would be sent up to form orbiting clouds that could be shaped by ground controllers to provide high-quality communications all over the world.

At least, that's the theory - I'm told there's a long way to go

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