Naked bodies - are you ok with it?

  belfman 21:14 22 May 08

Rather than Hijack the Mummies thread there's a program on now Cable 186, Fiver, about naked parents. Showing grandkids sitting on their granddad's bare lap. etc etc.

While I'm ok with nudity I think that this is wrong... what's your view (opinion, lol)?

(I watched a little of the show and then turned it over)

  lotvic 21:32 22 May 08

Had a little peek - sky 182 - Bbrrrr and Urggh IMO

  belfman 21:39 22 May 08

Well I turned it back again and it seems one couple bought a big listed home and opened the Gardens as public, while him and his wife do the garden work naked.

  csqwared 21:44 22 May 08

Not seen the programme and I don't think it would be my cup of tea but I bet there's a whole raft of naturists out there that would disagree. I suppose a lot depends on the context in which the programme was made, if done for just for viewers titilation (not sure I should have used that word under the circumstances) it's definitely out of order.

  Totally-braindead 21:49 22 May 08

Haven't seen the programme and must admit I wouldn't watch it as it holds no interest for me.

Personally I've always thought we live in the wrong country for nudists anyway as I'm always cold even when I have all my clothes on. I would be freezing bits of me off if I went around in the buff. And since I'm as ugly as sin it wouldn't be a good look. I look bad enough fully dressed.

  mrwoowoo 22:09 22 May 08

"Always cold"
No wonder all naturists seem to have small bits and beards.
I think these so called naturists that constantly parade around in front of their children and friends at home, are a bit on the perverted side.
Very odd behaviour indeed.
One step away from being a flasher.
Would you let your children visit friends with parents who do that at home?

  mrwoowoo 22:12 22 May 08

"I'm as ugly as sin it wouldn't be a good look".
Perfect qualifications for a naturist from what iv'e seen.

  csqwared 22:26 22 May 08

"One step away from being a flasher."

Hardly, flashers do their thing for pure sexual gratification which I think is the furthest thought from the naturists mind.

"Would you let your children visit friends with parents who do that at home?"

No, I wouldn't, but that's simply because I'm not a naturist and would not be comfortable having me and mine naked outside my home environment. That's not to say that other people, who are comfortable with the idea should not.

A further thought strikes me, I have two young granddaughters who often have a bath with Mum or Dad or Grandma, is their a difference?

  mrwoowoo 22:40 22 May 08

Yes their is a difference in my opinion.
As you state "young" children,and bathtime.You can't have a bath with your clothes on.
The programmes usually feature families with older children who are basically taught that is is acceptable to walk around naked without caring who sees them.
When a child becomes a teenager,how can it be normal to walk around the house with mum,dad and sis all naked.
Whats the point?

  mrwoowoo 22:41 22 May 08

Sorry their = there

  csqwared 22:55 22 May 08

I really can't comment about the content of the programme as I've not seen it, but it would worry me if older children are being "taught" it is acceptable to be naked. I really don't see the harm in families being naked together if they are comfortable with the idea, that the idea is natural to them, and is done within the family or in places where likeminded folk gather.

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