N+ or CCNA or MCSE

  DrHoliday 16:13 17 Jul 06

So which to go for?

  wolfie3000 18:07 17 Jul 06

What are they i dont have a clue as to what that even is?

Please explain.

It depends what you want to use the resulting qualification for. The route I took was to take A+ certification, which then gave me exemption in some of the MCSE modules. Perhaps as a first step, get hold of sample questions for each of the exams to get a feel of the depth of knowledge expected; and thus the amount of time needed for study. Personally I didn't find MCSE all that easy; probably because I am now getting too old to concentrate on studying.

  wolfie3000 19:08 17 Jul 06

Im still none the wiser as to what it is?

  GANDALF <|:-)> 21:13 17 Jul 06

Google is your friend.


  LastChip 21:42 17 Jul 06

N+, basic network course.

CCNA, Cisco Certified Network Associate.

MCSE, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer.

I suggest you do a job search for each certification and see which appeals. But be warned, everyone wants experience and it's not an automatic route to employment.

  wolfie3000 22:38 17 Jul 06


Well over my head that lot lol.

  DrHoliday 15:17 18 Jul 06

I have found that after A+ employers seem to want at least (N+)Network + or CCNA. Now MCP has stopped i could go for MCSE but do find MS courses at times to be a bit boring.

I like the way that CompTIA organise their exams so may stay with them.

Why does CCNA have to be re-taken every 3 years?

  recap 13:05 19 Jul 06

I have just finished a track of the MCSE, and found that the content of the course is demanding. I think the boring part, depends on your course tutor. The tutor on the track I have just finished was excellent, making the week enjoyable.

As for your original question, I think you will have to look at were you want to be in five years time to decide on which to choose from. All can be of great benefit to you in the world of networking.

I agree with LastChip, "But be warned, everyone wants experience and it's not an automatic route to employment."

  jamescrocket 20:15 21 Jul 06

As you already have A+ i would suggest N+ then see if you can get exemption from any of the MCSE exams. I think you can with A+, having both could help you more.

If you decide not to do MCSE you would be well placed to do CCNA. Good luck.

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