Mysterious bang

  Al94 12 Apr 12

Must have been loud!

Anyone hear it or speculate on the cause?

  ams4127 12 Apr 12

It was only a Typhoon breaking the sound barrier. Nothing to sweat about.

  lotvic 12 Apr 12

Didn't hear that one, but used to hear them frequently I think it was around 1960's.

Here's a photo of an F/A-18 Hornet just as it broke the sound barrier

  Mr Mistoffelees 12 Apr 12

It has been confirmed it was a Typhoon on a "quick reaction alert" which turned out to be a false alarm.

  Mr Mistoffelees 12 Apr 12

Ignore my last post, my mind is a go-slow today....

  flycatcher1 12 Apr 12

We heard the bang here, quite close to Brize Norton, I thought that it could be a sonic boom but only heard one bang. I thought that sonics came on pairs.

  sunnystaines 12 Apr 12

with so much heavy thunder lightning and large hail this afternoon it would have hard to tell what we heard some thunder was excessive in noise, unlikly to be the raf jet this way as we are very close to heathrow here.

  morddwyd 12 Apr 12

"I thought that sonics came on pairs."

Not invariably.

  Dragon_Heart 12 Apr 12

I was told it was Samantha Cameron dropping her purse !

  Al94 13 Apr 12
  onthelimit1 13 Apr 12

When an aircraft goes through the sound barrier, it generates the noise BUT, it's not a one-off, but follows the aircraft the whole time it's flying at more than Mach 1. Numpty in the heli was squawking the highjack code, which is why the jets were allowed to go at that speed overland.


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