My postings-Did I really write that?

  dagbladet 13:39 11 Nov 08

Whilst attempting to retrieve a link, I found myself taking a wander down memory lane and trawled through 'My Postings' right back to 2003. It was very illuminating. I saw some thread titles and thought "what could I possibly have had to say about that?". Most of my early posts were my requests for help in the 'Helproom'. I don't appear to have discovered the 'Corner' for a couple of years. I appear to have a tendency to be confrontational after a certain hour on Friday and Saturday nights. Not abusive, but not particularly constructive. I get very defensive about football, and I feel the need to challenge 'rose tinted glasses', or 'everything was better in the olden days' type threads. I have a bucket load of posts which I have failed to 'resolve', many of which reached a satisfactory conclussion. I put this down to Friday/Saturday night syndrome, whereby I have asked for help and then completely forgotten about it. On the plus side I once got the Brumas Longshot correct and one of my contributions came top of the PCA top ten (though I was not credited). I'm still going through them in an effort to discover the stupidest and/or most pointless post that I have ever made (this one may well be in the running).

  royalflush 13:48 11 Nov 08

funnily enough ive had a account in the past but lost the username/password so had to create a new un, but ive looked at post's ive started in the past & ive thought OMG what was i its a valuble lesson i must say cause it lets u see how other may see you...good thread "dagbladet"

  ventanas 14:01 11 Nov 08

Mine go back to 2003 as well. What I did notice was a great many names that were once regular contributors and have not appeared for ages.

  babybell 14:28 11 Nov 08

A post back from 2003 where I was asking for help on my first ever PC that kept crashing when installing anything, i've described the PC as a "Daewoo CyrixInstead 6x86MX. 32MB RAM Available space on drive C: 2089MB of 3234MB (FAT32)"


  dagbladet 14:32 11 Nov 08

I asked if it was possible to get a 2 megapixel camera + 2 AA batteries + 64 meg card for under £200.

  spuds 14:51 11 Nov 08

I would be to ashamed to go back and look at My Postings, considering the gibberish that I appear to write now ;o(

  dagbladet 14:56 11 Nov 08

Do it spuds. We appear to have sparred once about something or nothing.

  Diemmess 16:08 11 Nov 08

I seem to remember during a considerable revamp of this site, all posts before 2003 were deleted or at least became inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

I can go back 198 pages to 2/1/03 to find my first post, though I'm sure my membership is much older than that. 'Would be interesting to ME to go back further, but from what I've seen, best ignored by everyone else.

'Might please advertising managers here and elsewhere to know that in addition to most of my problems solved and the opportunity to help others, this site gives me loads of interest and confidence to choose for myself when I feel like "improving the kit."

  Legolas 16:20 11 Nov 08

This is my most embarrassing post click here

  Seth Haniel 16:25 11 Nov 08

still not answered - mind i've had two more PC's since then.

  Legolas 16:27 11 Nov 08

First post on 06/01/03 but as Diemmess says there must be earlier posts than this I was a member long before that date.

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