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  Sapins 08:38 26 Mar 08

has disappeared,anyone else lost theirs?

  interzone55 08:47 26 Mar 08

It's at the top of the screen, under the yellow "Expert Advice You Can Trust" banner...

Lots of other postings about the site revamp...

  Sapins 10:02 26 Mar 08

Thanks for that, I don't know how I missed it having searched the page umpteen times:-(

  birdface 10:05 26 Mar 08

Top right hand side of the screen.Ive had nothing but problems with it since yesterday.It may look prettier but a pain in the butt for those that have to use it.It works ok if you have a large screen.

  Sapins 10:06 26 Mar 08

Thanks for your reply, problem solved via alan14.

  Pesala 22:41 26 Mar 08

and enter the site via a bookmark if you want to check your posts: click here

  GEEKSTA 16:22 28 Mar 08

its quite sill actually. stupid place to put it, and it was better having the log in place at the home page.

  donki 16:51 28 Mar 08

Dont worry about it biglad I done the same thing, I thought I hadn't logged in. I know its just out of habit but I prefered it where it was, I'm sure we will all get used to it.

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