My home town is in the news..

  Stuartli 18:40 15 Mar 09

..with a great success story:

click here

  Pineman100 18:50 15 Mar 09

Well done him.

But as soon as I read the first of his five tips for success, I knew it wasn't for me.

Work hard. :o(

  oresome 19:05 15 Mar 09

I remember many years ago a colleague telling me that through his family he knew many people in the most expensive suburb of town.

He told me then that the vast majority of these people made their money by buying and selling.

It seems like it's still the key to riches.

  WhiteTruckMan 19:10 15 Mar 09

if he ever paid buisness rates on the garage and back bedroom?


  Stuartli 20:47 15 Mar 09

That's how Sir Alan Sugar started...:-)

  interzone55 20:49 15 Mar 09

HIs millionaire status seems to be based on £700,000 house, £150,000 Ferrari and £118,000 Aston Martin.

Sounds more like £1m worth of negative equity to me...

  cream. 21:05 15 Mar 09

that man

for showing hard work and initiative can pay dividends.

  Stuartli 21:09 15 Mar 09

How much are your house and car worth?

  interzone55 21:32 15 Mar 09

I honestly couldn't tell you how much mt house is worth, as I don't own it - it belongs to the in-laws.

My car is worth £6500 according to Parkers, which is less than last year, but more than I owe on it.

I just pointed out that the article claims he's worth a million - but it's all wrapped up in property which will be worth less than he owes on it.

The world is full of entrepreneurs (wow I spelt that right first time!) who have built up a huge amount of debt and claim it as worth, this has been splashed all over the news for months...

  perpetual motion 21:49 15 Mar 09

Stuartli some of the comments on that link from sharon are terrible considering he has 473315 items sold or bought a feedback of 99.2% is still very good!!!

click here

  Al94 22:29 15 Mar 09

It's a gross colour Ferrari so I'm not a bit jealous!

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