My first brush with the police

  rawprawn 18:59 10 Aug 11

Back in 1945 when I was 8 years old I was caught scrumping by the local bobby, he waited until I had climbed down the tree, and then hit me hard with his waxed cape that they all carried in those days. It knocked me off my feet and took my breath away, but what he said next really frightened me. "and if I catch you again I will tell your father" It scared me to death and I never went back. It was wartime, and we had absolutely nothing but our own ingenuity to make things, and play games. I hate it when I hear the youngsters nowadays complain they have nothing to do. They have only their self to blame.

OH, if only the same could happen today! How about you??

  wiz-king 19:24 10 Aug 11

Yup remember that sort of thing well. Our local bobbie used to have a bicycle and the cape was rolled up on a carrier behind the saddle. We used to play in the local park climbing trees and jumping off the air-raid shelters or pillbox, splashing through the mud in the bomb craters - no pretty parks then with 'keep of the grass' notices and only 'old parkie' to chase us if we tried to play on the tennis court. That was in the early fifties.

  morddwyd 19:58 10 Aug 11

In 1949. Got my ears boxed for failing to bring my bicycle to a complete halt at a T junction!

  Aitchbee 22:51 10 Aug 11

I got caught stealing 2 golf clubs - a chipper and a putter - when I was 11. It was at Queen's Park 'Pitch n Putt' 9 hole course on the south-side of Glasgow circa 1965. My little brother who was 6 was my accomplice.The shame felt at the time is still in the 'windmills of my mind'.I learnt then that crime does not pay. The 9 hole course is still there ...I pass it most days on the bus into town. HB.

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