My faith in ebay finally restored.

  SG Atlantis® 21:24 25 Feb 06

For the third time, after 2 incidents with non paying dodgy gits, I listed my item this time as a buy it now. I got contacted by a user asking for it £15 cheaper. I emailed back saying I'd meet him half way by covering the postage myself (£7). The deal was done. He paid by paypal within 10 minutes, I have requested the money to my bank account and the item is packaged to be posted on Monday. Whole transaction lasted for 4 emails that spanned an hour.

If all ebay deals could be done like that!

  De Marcus™ 23:14 25 Feb 06

Till the next time....................

  Arthur Scrimshaw 10:34 26 Feb 06

contacted directly by an potential buyer regarding the Gameboy SP she was selling. Told her it was needed urgently for his daughters birthday (as she had broken hers?)and he would collect it the same day. My wife asked him to make an offer, which he did (and was insultingly low), and then said if the offer was acceptable would she post it.

Suddenly it wasn't so urgent apparently.

Anyway my wife was uncomfortable with this and decided to continue with the auction. The SP made about £20 more than was offered (plus the postage)

  spuds 11:16 26 Feb 06

" If all ebay deals could be done like that!"

If you read the terms and conditions of eBay, you will find that eBay are not very happy about transactions done this way.

  SG Atlantis® 11:48 26 Feb 06

It was a fixed price "buy it now", I'm happy, the buyer is happy, the sale went through the ebay site, the right fees were paid... about £1.77 listing, £3.19 final value and paypal got theirs £2.80. So I can't see the problem personally, would they rather have scammers and non paying bidders?

I have reported people for evading fees. Having their PP charges at £39.99 for example and they did nothing about it.


  SG Atlantis® 18:30 26 Feb 06

just ticking as resolved.

"Till the next time...................."



  BigMoFoT 15:44 27 Feb 06

I have been trading buying and selling on ebay quite successfully for a couple of years now and I'd say 99% of all my transactions have gone through without a hitch!

Just a word of advice to you all - any email you receive asking to sell the item outside of ebay\paypal or for an urgent sale as Arthur Scrimshaw explained is usually a scam...

  SG Atlantis® 19:22 27 Feb 06

I know that BigMoFoT I made sure it went through the ebay site. The paypal account that paid was fully verified and the member had substantial 100% feedback. As said before, I immediately withdrew the money to my bank account.

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