Music Rip off

  amonra 14:57 17 Nov 05

Today's Daily Telegraph :-

Article entitled "EMI wants premium for star downloads" . . . Apple which has 85% of the global market in legal downloads charges
79p for a UK single
79c for a US single
79 euros in europe.
Are we being ripped off, or are we being ripped off ?
Dont give me the old blurb about differing standards etc. It's just screwing the punters for every halfpenny.

  Monoux 16:09 17 Nov 05

I hope you mean 0.79 Euros as opposed to 79 Euros = about £54.00

Seriously the only way to force down prices is comsumer power -- if the price looks like a rip off then don't buy. Pretty soon the manufacturer will be forced to drop the price in line with their other markets

  spuds 16:36 17 Nov 05

The general public keep getting told that the OFT and the EU are looking into this. One day, we may have a decision!.

  Forum Editor 17:32 17 Nov 05

if you don't buy the product, can you?

Consumers have a choice - that's what a market economy is all about. If you don't like the look of the price, don't buy the apples.

  powerless 23:20 17 Nov 05

iTunes prices are set to rise!

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