For music lovers - do you show what you think of the music?

  john bunyan 11:24 AM 15 Jul 13

I wonder how many of us make faces when listening to music, like this guy?


  Aitchbee 11:48 AM 15 Jul 13

Jim Carrey is good at that type of thing as well:-

click here

  bumpkin 13:44 PM 15 Jul 13

JB & HB, both quite amusing links, where do you guys find this stuff:-)

  Aitchbee 14:08 PM 15 Jul 13

bumpkin - it's on the ... INTERNET :o]

  bumpkin 16:05 PM 15 Jul 13

Aitchbee, I know that but you must enter some odd searches "man pulling funny faces whilst listening to a violin" for example, maybe I just lack imagination:-)

  Mr Mistoffelees 11:30 AM 16 Jul 13


I think you lack imagination. I just found this: You Tube.

  bumpkin 13:51 PM 16 Jul 13

Mr M, nice one, loved it:-)

  bumpkin 13:53 PM 16 Jul 13

Mr M, nice one, loved it:-)


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