Murder rate rises - does this reflect a rising level of stress in society?

  Forum Editor 13:09 29 Jan 12

According to The Home Office the murder rate in England and Wales rose by 5% last year to 636, but overall crime remained stable or even fell.

What do you think - is the increase directly related to rising levels of stress in society as a result of the economic situation, or are there other contributing factors?

  badgery 13:11 29 Jan 12

Are we taking bets how long it will be before "It's because we don't hang 'em" is proffered in this thread?

  Forum Editor 13:32 29 Jan 12


You're probably right, but it isn't too difficult to refute that argument.

  bremner 13:47 29 Jan 12

The rate for 2010 was 619 down from 644 in 2009. Guardian report

And the 2010 figure was the lowest for 12 years even with the Whitehaven massacre. It seems much more likely 2010 was the "unusual year" with 2011 returning the trend figures.

  Woolwell 14:17 29 Jan 12

The information on its own is unhelpful without knowing where the murders took place, the age range and the ethnicity. For example it could be that a significant amount of the increase is due to gang knife crime in London.

  Flak999 14:29 29 Jan 12

Given the figures that FE has quoted we are not doing to bad really! In 2010 the murder rate in New York was 866! New York crime rates

So 636 for the whole of England and Wales is pretty good really!

  SparkyJack 15:12 29 Jan 12

I have long observed the following-which I know bring howles of dissent - bit it takes ony a few weeks at llong at the reports of killings and the origins of the killer/victims 1. A large proportion of killings/victims is by and on people from elsewhere/ newcomers first or second generation.

2 It seems too that a larger proportion of these event occurs around the dark months[Christmas in other words]

I shall now go hide under the Duvet

  Forum Editor 15:44 29 Jan 12

I should of course have referred to the fact that the number of murders increased by 5 percent. The murder rate being a different matter.

  finerty 15:49 29 Jan 12

stress yes, crime yes, less police resources yes, overcrowding in prisons yes, traffic chaos we want it NO

  finerty 15:52 29 Jan 12

why r we comparing ourselves with New York, there is no comparison, things are done differently in New York compared to here.

  Bingalau 17:28 29 Jan 12

If we are going to compare figures here to figures in the USA, then perhaps we should also go back to the days of Al Capone etc in Chicago. I bet we could have counted murders in this country on our hands in those days.

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