MS Canada website leaks Vista pricing

  TOPCAT® 00:12 29 Aug 06

Didn't stay up long though! Think I'll be sticking with XP for awhile longer yet! TC.

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  wee eddie 07:57 29 Aug 06

Float a high price - Get it discussed - "All publicity is good publicity, especially when it's free" - Allow the public to persuade you to drop your prices - Launch product

Result: The Public is happy with lower price which may easily be higher than you could have achieved had you launched it cold.

  namtas 08:03 29 Aug 06

Yes indeed well used marketing tool.

  johndere 11:08 29 Aug 06

MS Canada have taken it off their website!
Think it could be time to switch to Linux.

  spuds 12:09 29 Aug 06

Would appear that Vista (with latest patches) will be available September onwards, on the Canadian and North American markets. At the prices being quoted, I would think quite a number of people will remain loyal to XP or similar operating systems for the time being.

  TOPCAT® 12:22 29 Aug 06

If interested, you can download a pre-release RC1 copy of Vista for evaluation. You are requested to let MS know of any bugs found in the OS. TC.

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  TOPCAT® 12:35 29 Aug 06

"Access to this file is restricted to Customer Preview Program participants only. Please refer to your invitation email for access instructions."

Sorry about that!! TC.

  Jimmy14 16:50 29 Aug 06

Vista Ultimate, £237 wow!!!

  Al94 21:29 29 Aug 06
  STREETWORK 21:44 29 Aug 06

Saw loads of VISTA patches on the www, but forget to write down the www address....

...OK who panicked??

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