Mr Holloway has the right idea

  Bingalau 20:34 21 Oct 10

He is obviously on the right track when he says FIFA or UEFA should be ashamed of themselves for allowing modern day overpaid footballers to do as they please to accumulate money with the help and for the benefit of their agents. (I know they aren't his words, but it's what he means).
FIFA Should stop this racket straight away. They must have the power to do so.

Surprised no one has mentioned the Rooney saga before now. Or have I missed a thread with it on.

  Bingalau 20:37 21 Oct 10

Sorry, forgot the link...

click here

  morddwyd 21:03 21 Oct 10

I wish you'd given some indication that this was a boring (to me) football thread!

  eikonuj 21:09 21 Oct 10

Mr Rooney (or any footballer) is entitled to work where he likes for as much as he can get, just like you and me, it's only the amount of money that differs, good luck to him.

  gaucho. 22:10 21 Oct 10

FIFA, UEFA and especially the FA are only interested in one thing.

How much money they can get out of the game.

Same as Rooney.

  Forum Editor 22:16 21 Oct 10

that referred to someone named as 'a real parasite'. Please resist the temptation to use such terms about someone who simply makes a living by representing the interests of others.

  john bunyan 22:44 21 Oct 10

At least they reacted to this:

click here

  Bingalau 14:11 22 Oct 10

Looks like someone else has re-acted to things too. Rooney has changed his mind. He's staying at Manchester United. He will be kissing the badge again next week.

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