MP's and big businessmen

  ex-wirecutter 14:07 22 Oct 08

Why do multibillionaire big businessmen invite MP's and influential people in public office to free holidays in their villas or luxury yachts ?

  donki 14:22 22 Oct 08

Because Mp's are such great party guests who are so witty and charismatic that they make any shindig a night to rememeber? Hmmmmmmm then again its probably just so they can give them the huge back hand in person rather than trust a few million quid in the Royal Mail :).

  WhiteTruckMan 14:24 22 Oct 08

round the sticky stuff comes to mind.

Honey, perhaps?


  ex-wirecutter 14:39 22 Oct 08

I say ! now,now, gentlemen ,is that likely ? British MP's are incorruptible men of honour .

  gardener 14:41 22 Oct 08


Name one.

  peter99co 14:57 22 Oct 08

Margaret Thatcher

  lofty29 15:03 22 Oct 08

That would not be the same one who used her influence to get her son some business by any chance

  newman35 15:04 22 Oct 08

" of honour."
Margaret Thatcher - exactly!! She would be pleased.

  peter99co 15:07 22 Oct 08

She had more about her than most male MP's

  sunny staines 15:18 22 Oct 08

MP,s should not have business interests while a serving MP. As it may lead to conflicts or allegations, they could always stand down if they do not like it.

  spuds 16:49 22 Oct 08

Let's be a little realistic.If they didn't have business or other interests, they wouldn't survive on their wages and perks of office.

And why fly economy class, when you know the boss of the airline, or similar!.

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